Aangan works to strengthen India’s child protection system so that even the most vulnerable child can have a safe childhood


Building a cohort of 1000 mothers to work with government officials, community adults and children, in urban bastis and rural villages to build and strengthen child protection systems
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How do children live in urban slum settlements; surrounded by not just squalor, poverty and violence, but also sheer neglect and indifference? How do their parents manage to walk the thin line between managing their health and education expenses, as well as daily household expenses? Finally, who is really responsible for the wellbeing of children in urban slum settlements?

Read our new study - 'Minor issues in Major Cities: Child Vulnerabilities in Urban Slums' by Neeti Daftari, which throws light on how children live and survive in urban hotspots – as they navigate through a chaotic present and an uncertain future, along with a complete lack of access to basic rights.

'Read our report, PACT: Building Bridges, Transforming Lives by Devika Mahadevan on our PACT mothers - the cohorts of women from very vulnerable communities that we’ve been working with to create sustainable, local mechanisms to protect children from harm and exploitation.'

Launching a mobile app to collect real-time child protection data - a first of its kind in india and training community mothers on how to use it.

Congratulations to Atiya Bose and Deepika Khatri for creating a short film for Aangan's 'Act Now' campaign, which won us an award for 'Communication, Advocacy and Development Activism' at the Social Media for Empowerment Awards in Delhi.

Proud to share that our founder Suparna Gupta has won the L'Oreal NDTV Women of Worth award for Social Impact, 2016. read more



Working with government functionaries to strengthen systems of response, recovery and reintegration for child survivors of serious harm
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