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Aangan is a member of the Working Group on Child Rights for the Planning Commission of India

We have been selected to be a member of the Working Group on Child Rights for the 12th Five-Year Plan set up by the Planning Commission of India. The Working Group comprises representatives from government and civil society organizations from across the country

Nausheen’s story

Before Project Shakti, Nausheen was very shy, hesitant and was, for most part, not allowed outside the house. Through Shakti, she gained confidence and was a driving force in the project of bringing drop-out kids back to school in Govandi. Read about how she slowly developed the ability to make her voice heard both by her family and within her community. read more»

Samira’s story

Samira dropped out of school due to family pressure at the age of 13. Shakti sessions on relationships and negotiation gave her the confidence to talk to her father about her decision to go back to school. The biggest change post Shakti: She returned to school, despite her father’s disapproval, backed by her mother and Shakti mates. Now she has finished school and a jewellery-designing course. As a Shakti peer leader, she runs Shakti groups in her community. read more»

Punam’s story

Ostracized from the community after her father contracted leprosy, Punam and her family were forced to turn to begging to support themselves. Read about this brave teenager’s struggle with physical and sexual abuse, her return to education and her determination to avoid the pitfalls of child marriage after attending Shakti sessions.

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Rafi’s story

Rafi had been constantly exposed to violence and turbulence both at home as well as on the streets. Read about the winner of “Pragati Life Plan Scholarship Contest” and how the same enabled this talented dancer to develop a workable, future plan for himself. read more»

Sanjay’s story

This Chauraha boy’s biggest obstacle was perhaps the unsupportive attitude of his mother.  Read about how Sanjay, formerly involved in petty theft, has improved the relationship with his family by leap and bound with the help of the individual mentoring of an Aangan social worker. Today he is working at a Xerox Center and greatly improved the relationship to his mother. read more»

Rohit’s story

As his parents could not afford to pay his school fees, Rohit was forced to drop out after Class 10, leading to his eventual involvement in criminal activities. Read about how this boy kept his interest in education alive and transformed his future. read more»

Ranjit’s story

At the age of 10 Ranjit’s parents had forced him to drop out of school to earn money selling balloons at traffic junctions with peers. Soon they felt into stealing or shoplifting. One day he was arrested. Police referred him to Aangan's Youth Center, where he participated in all its activities and took a lot of initiative. Within months he was selected for a scholarship to hold cricket tournaments for young boys like himself combining sports and sessions on life skills. Today he makes a living from working in an auto repair workshop and sets an example for other youths. read more»

Mohin’s story

This troubled boy’s anger towards his violent, abusive father led to a vicious cycle of drug abuse and crime.  Read about Mohin’s journey from darkness to light as he helps the one person he wanted revenge against – his father. read more»

Dilip’s story

Living at the mercy of the streets, 14-year-old Dilip stole to support his drug habit. With the help of Aangan’s Chauraha Project, this previously aimless boy went back to school, became a part of a hockey team and is on his way to realizing his goals. Read about how this former drug addict turned his life around. read more»