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Shakti in Patna

Shakti in Patna – these amazing Shakti Girls managed to get the local Ward Officer to come and talk about their problem of carrying buckets of water far distances every day. He committed to set up one more water hand pump.

Anurag Kashyap about the films Jaan, Shaan, Imaan

Anurag Kashyap about the films Jaan, Shaan, Imaan: “I feel they were well made real stories. It is our responsibility to help them (…) to make them part of our society.” 

Sutur’s interview

As part of Aangan’s activities in our Youth Centers in slum areas of Mumbai the film making of “Jaan, Shaan, Imaan”was initiated. The discussion of cases of boys in Observation Homes got children thinking and scripting around these themes with Aangan team and theatre actor Pramod Pathak. Sutur, one of the main characters of the films spoke with Pramod about how the film making impacted him. read more»

Dance Event at our Youth Center

Attracting boys from the community – a dance session with an instructor at Aangan’s Youth Center in Dongri, Mumbai

Goats move out to make way for the Shakti sessions

… and for the time of the Shakti sessions the goats have to move out.

Shakti UJJALA Group

Great discussion with the Shakti Girls from the UJJALA Project – we left deeply inspired.

Shakti Peer Leaders

Our Peer Leaders are so motivated and inspired to help other girls in their neighbourhood to find their strength, their shakti.

Shakti Khushboo Group

This fantastic Shakti Group in Ram Nagar, Patna, is cleaning up their area. They named their project "Khusboo" meaning good fragrance!

Photography workshop

Thank you very much Alexandra Copley for holding this fantastic photography workshop for your boys in Dongri, Mumbai.

Screening of Jaan, Shaan, Imaan


Director Kiran Rao opened the screening of Jaan, Shaan, Imaan in March 2011 with remarks about this hardly debated subject of vulnerable children getting into conflict with law

Film screening of Jaan, Shaan, Imaan at the Bombay Hub

The young film makers of Jaan, Shaan, Imaan explaining how the project impacted them.

Locations for Shakti sessions – sometimes we have to improvise

It's always a challenge for our facilitators to find a space in the community to run Shakti sessions. In Patna's Haridaspur neighbourhood the stable for goats adjacent to a Milk Parlour is used.

Cricket Event

Training the Chauraha Peer Leaders to run the Aangan Youth Centers in five different high-risk areas of Mumbai.

Chauraha peer leader training

   Training the Chauraha Peer Leaders to run the Aangan Youth Centers in five different high-risk areas of Mumbai.

Suparna Gupta selected as an Asia 21 Young Leader

The Asia Society elected Suparna Gupta in August 2011 as one of the Asia 21 Young Leaders.

Asia 21 is the Asia-Pacific region's leading next generation leadership program, with over 600 members, active chapters across the region, scores of transnational public service projects, and other collaborations that bring leaders together from across borders and boundaries. read more»