Accessible and responsive frontline officials for children’s safety

With over a decade of experience working with government officials in children’s shelter homes, and successfully mobilizing communities to engage with child harm prevention norms, Aangan is set to launch Bharosa (trust) - aimed at strengthening the relationship between vulnerable communities and frontline government officials.

Bharosa is an initiative to build trust between marginalised communities and local authorities who are sworn to protect and serve them. The goal is to make local frontline protection officials – police, child protection officers, education officers, labour officers, ward and panchayat members more approachable and available to communities. Through Bharosa we will build an aware, accessible and responsive child protection system, in which officials are equipped to respond and react with sensitivity and efficiency.

Envisaged as year-long program that involves a two pronged approach: a monthly schedule of engagements with local officials to support and build their capacity; and monthly meetings between nodal officials and community volunteers and the larger community to spread awareness about laws, child harm risks, strategies for mitigation, as well asplanning joint actions to promote children’s safety.

Our target this year: 520 local officials in 260 locations will be active protectors for children. They will be linked to community women volunteer groups and children’s safety networks and will be accessible, responsive and committed to preventing and responding to child harm.