Charity Bibs Available for Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2012

Aangan is currently recruiting for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2013. Last year Aangan placed in the Top 100 NGOs to participate in the race and gain support for their cause. Bibs still available by emailing us here

What is it like to participate?

Just ask Rishabh Gupta, CEO Let's, one of our leading supporters from last year's event, 

Running for 4 hours can be excruciating with moments when you want to slow down, stop or give up but the idea of the million hopes of the little children you are running for crosses your mind, you find all the courage, stamina and effort to cross the finish line. A little help from all of us can give some underprivileged ones a life which most of us take for granted”.

How much do I need to donate for the charity bibs?

Donations for Half Marathon and Dreamrun 6K bibs start at 7500, and Full Marathon at 8000. Additional funds may be raised using United Way of Mumbai's online donation system, and we are happy to help you raise the funds with our combined efforts!

Want to get your company involved?  

Contact us and we can help sign your company up to help raise funds for children across the 12 states we work in across India. The Mumbai Marathon is India's largest fundraiser and we look forward to cheering on our supporters from the sidelines! Funds from this year will go directly toward supporting our Shakti program efforts.

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