Dilip’s story

Living at the mercy of the streets, 14-year-old Dilip stole to support his drug habit. With the help of Aangan’s Chauraha Project, this previously aimless boy went back to school, became a part of a hockey team and is on his way to realizing his goals. Read about how this former drug addict turned his life around.

Fourteen-year old Dilip was living on the streets in the vulnerable community of Kandivali East, Mumbai and would steal to support his drug habit. He had had run-ins with the police on two separate occasions and was eventually placed in the temporary care of a state-run Children’s Home. 

We worked with Dilip to establish his immediate requirements which included finding a safe and more permanent place to stay and starting counselling for de-addiction. Additionally, as he was just 14 years old, our caseworker began to motivate him to go back to school. After a few weeks, we were finally able to find space for Dilip in a local shelter which had an adjoining school. However, as he was initially resistant to the thought of sitting in a classroom all day, our caseworker continued to visit him regularly to encourage him to attend school. Within a few months, the shelter authorities reported that Dilip was attending school and doing fairly well. He had also become a part of the hockey team in the shelter

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