National Team

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Atiya Bose

Executive Director

Atiya has worked for 20 years with marginalized populations both in the US and India on securing human rights, focusing on access to justice and opportunity. Her current preoccupation is making child protection everyone’s business. She focuses on engaging government and the law for the advancement of children's rights and protection, and demonstrating the power of the "non-expert" in Aangan's community-based prevention model to combat serious child harm.


Chaitali Sheth


Chaitali oversees and provides direction to the operational functions and programs at Aangan. She ensures that strategic vision and outcomes are achieved across teams and states and supports and provides inputs to engage and partner with the government across states and departments. She collaborates with state teams to identify learnings and trends from the ground, using data to develop and implement solution-focused strategies. She also supports in managing and further developing long-term funder relationships.