It would be impossible for us to achieve our goal of protecting India‚Äôs vulnerable children without the unwavering support of our partners and supporters. We owe them a deep debt of gratitude. 


(alphabetical order)



Individual supporters


We have also been incredibly fortunate to be able to count on financial and volunteer support from individuals and family foundations who have been extremely generous with both their time and resources.

A big thank you goes to: Mustafa S. Doctor, Ashish Asthana, Tasneem Ali, Pavitr Saith (photographs), Mini Mathur, James Connor and Lewis Sykes, Lakshmi Vijayakumar, Pramod Pathak, KiranRao, Vijay Krishna Acharya, Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap, Alexandra Copley (photographs), Louis Nottling (photographs), Chirag H Setalvad, Sonia Nayaham, Ashish Asthana, Sameera Anand, Leon and Deborah Black, Srila Chatterjee, Vinit Phatak and Miel Sahgal, Vikram Lal, Sheena Parikh, Radhika Chopra, Tanmoy Bose, Rahul Sagar, Naina Chugani, Moneisha Gandhi, Nilou Moochhalathe, the Amrit Vasudeva Trust, the Nirlon Foundation Trust and the Thomson Reuters team with Lina Mockeliunaite, Benoit Lemay, Jeffrey Truskin, Foli Pontillo, Igor Neumann and Elena Condos.


Partner Organizations


Partnering within our community programs

As every child has unique needs, we work with partners who are best placed to help him or her. Over the years we have established a directory, which lists relevant partner organizations in the areas of education, vocational training, mental health, de-addiction and sexual abuse.

Our partners include Majlis, Pratham, Sahara Charitable Trust and Doorstep (Education), Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre Society Human Law Network (Legal Aid), Manav, IPH and Ummeed (Mental Health), Don Bosco and Pratham Info Tech (Vocational Training), Kripa, KEM Hospital and GT Hospital (De-addiction Treatment) as well as CHIP (Mumbai and Kolkata) and Hamari Muskan in Kolkata.


Partnering to roll out Aangan’s programs

We also work on developing innovative models, test these in the field and then train partners to implement these programs.

After running Project Shakti for two years, we developed a workbook and training curriculum to train other NGOs to run the Project in their communities. So far Meljol, Prerna, CHIP and Hamari Muskan are implementing Shakti in certain pockets of Mumbai, Kolkata and the Akhola district.