It would not be possible for us to achieve our goal of protecting India’s vulnerable children without the unwavering support of our partners and supporters.




Individual supporters

We have also been incredibly fortunate to be able to count on financial and volunteer support from individuals and family foundations who have been extremely generous with both their time and resources. We are extremely grateful to all of them.

Partner Organizations

Implementing partners
Aangan partners with and trains and builds the capacity of like-minded local community organisations across states on our hotspot prevention of child harm model with the objective of mainstreaming these ideas within local organisations. Through a process of planned training interventions, partner organisations work with us to implement the hotspot model and approach using Aangan’s curricula.

West Bengal


Uttar Pradesh


Other Partners
As every child has unique needs, we work with partners who are best placed to help him or her. Over the years we have established a directory, which lists relevant partner organizations whom we seek advice from in the areas of education, vocational training, mental health, de-addiction, sexual abuse, financial literacy and planning, counselling and legal support. Our partners include Majlis, GT Hospital, SNEHA, Reliance Foundation, Swadhaar, Childline (across states), Human Liberty Network, Justice and Care, IAPA, and International Justice Mission