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Your generous donations allow us to strengthen India’s child protection system so that even the most vulnerable child can have a safe childhood.

If you are a taxpayer in India, all donations to Aangan are 50% tax exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

You can make a donation either by credit card or through a direct bank transfer.

Aangan provides an Online Payment Gateway through HDFC Bank Ltd to make your donation to us easy, secure and efficient. The HDFC Bank Payment Gateway uses 128-bit SSL encrypted highly secure transmission protocols and has been Verisign and PCI certified. This ensures that your payment and card data is processed securely.

Please note: This payment gateway is for donations made in INR currency only. Donations in any other currency can be made via a bank transfer or cheque payment. Please write to us at contact@aanganindia.org so we can share the details of how to do that with you.

The Aangan Trust is a registered non-profit under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. Registration Number: E- 18965 and has 80 G certificates and is FCRA registered (083781091).

You can make a general donation of any amount or you can choose one of the following specific options:

5000 INR / 80 USD

Support two at risk boys for a year


Sent out to work, often in hazardous jobs, and prey to casual brutality, substance use and exploitation, the lived realities of adolescent boys are fraught with risk. Young boys are expected to provide for the family and become contributing adults long before they are ready or able.

The compulsions this imposes, in addition to societal expectations to be a certain kind of ‘man’, and their own need to be accepted by the peer group, creates a volatile landscape that puts young boys at grave risk of getting involved in dangerous, hazardous and illegal work and activities, being trafficked, running away, using drugs and alcohol, and endangering themselves in other ways.

With your generous donation we can connect 2 adolescent boys to positive peer groups, and supports them to recognize protection risks they face, to exercise agency, articulate and create life plans and reframe their image of themselves. We do this through group sessions where boys talk about their rights, develop negotiation skills, and access key services such as de-addiction, hospital, government schools and vocational training.


10.000 INR / 160 USD

Support five at risk girls for a year


Locked up at home ‘for their own safety’, managing younger siblings and household chores or being sent out to work in risky situations, thousands of young girls face extreme isolation – they are cut off from school, from peers from social interaction, and even from their own hopes, fears and aspirations. The harm doesn’t end there, as through their isolation these young girls all face the additional risk of being trafficked, exploited, abused or married off young.

With your generous donation 5 adolescent girls are connected to peer networks and supported to recognize harm, plan for their safety and negotiate for themselves. They do this by learning about rights and entitlements, articulating their aspirations, making educational and vocational plans, and accessing key services, vocational training and government schemes.


25.000 INR / 400 USD

Support Crisis Support/Restoration relief for a survivor of serious harm


When 8-year-old Sony was raped by two men in 2014, it became glaringly clear that the process of reporting, recovery and rehabilitation was going to be complicated. It was heartbreaking that Sony’s single mother had to think about whether she could afford to take the day off from work and stay home to comfort and care for her child.

In the last year, at Aangan, we dealt with over 334 cases of serious harm, intercepting and preventing harm as well as responding to harm. Offering help in the first 72 hours is crucial. Your donation can make a world of difference!


50.000 INR / 800 USD

Support girls in a high risk community for a month


Through Shakti, adolescent girls are connected to a peer network; are supported and empowered to recognise risk and develop strategies to resist pressures of child marriage, dangerous work, and being pulled out of school; to access services; negotiate for themselves; articulate aspirations and take steps towards achieving their life goals.

Your generous donation will support Shakti sessions, which are facilitated by Shakti alumni and young women – or shaktiactivators. They are residents of the community where the groups are formed and trained to work with young girls, impart core curriculum, and to link girls facing imminent harm to Aangan staff. Through their work with girls, these young women are also empowering themselves to overcome their own personal challenges and negotiate for better futures for themselves.


100.000 INR

1600 USD - Support for a month a group of parent volunteers who are trained to keep children in their high-risk neighbourhoods safe


Through PACT, adult volunteers in the community are trained and empowered to be alert to child protection issues such as early marriage, trafficking, violence and abuse; to respond to the harm that children face; and to activate government systems and services to promote children’s safety and protection.

Your generous donation will be used to support motivated adults, who are trained to be informal child protection workers—to share information, spread awareness, find allies and activate services. At weekly meetings, they learn about the risks and abuse children in their community face, about children’s rights and other legislations and schemes that ensure social protection, about how to listen and respond to children and families who may have experienced particular harm.

The PACT team hosts bi-monthly meetings and community help desks with larger groups of community adults. At these meetings, the community is linked to child protection functionaries (such as anganwadi workers, the police, local government providers like the block education officer).


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** Please avoid making a donation of less than 5000 INR/ 80 USD online.

Please contact our office actnow@aanganindia.org for other donation options or any other questions.

*** This information is required for the purposes of classifying the donation as local or foreign as per the FCRA rules. For more information on FCRA click here: http://www.mha.nic.in/sites/upload_files/mha/files/FC-RegulationAct-2010-C.pdf