Rafi’s story

Rafi had been constantly exposed to violence and turbulence both at home as well as on the streets. Read about the winner of “Pragati Life Plan Scholarship Contest” and how the same enabled this talented dancer to develop a workable, future plan for himself.

While he lives with his mother and younger sister in a “jhopdi” in Dongri, his father is an alcoholic and lives away from home. As a result, both children were left to fend for themselves as their mother had to work to support the family, leaving them with plenty of time on their hands.

Rafi’s sister was recruited for Shakti, Aangan’s program for vulnerable girls. He soon followed suit, actively participating in group work, workshops and community projects at the Aangan Youth Center and is also talented dancer. He says, “I used to just wander about without a purpose, but now I have a have something to do.” Rafi participated in and also won the Pragati “Life Plan Scholarship Contest” which enabled him to develop an educational and/or vocational plan for himself. Although he initially planned to drop out of school at the age of 14 to start work, the “life plan” discussion helped him stay in school till class 10 and do a computer course as well. He currently studies in class 9 at a local school and also goes for computer classes, which he won as part of his Pragati scholarship. He also enthusiastically continues to learn dance at the Youth Centre.

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