100 Safe Return Routes

Recovery work, Support, Monitoring and Follow up work withchildren rescued from trafficking, child marriage, hazardous work and abuse

(Aangan works in partnership with state functionaries in Mahrashtra, Uttar Pradesh,Bihar, Assam, Bengal, Odisha)


Everyday, children are rescued from brutal, exploitative situations - from brothels, streets, railway stations, workshops, dumping grounds or factories. A rescue or raid removes children from physical danger, but it is now crucial that rehabilitation and return are successful. This is deeply neglected by government officials, rarely tracked once children leave temporary care in government homes and thus likely to result in re-trafficking or recurrence of harm. Aangan’s work begins post-rescuewhen survivors of child harm prepare to exit government homes and return to the outside world. Working with government functionaries in six states, Aangan ensures a coordinated system to ensure trauma work, care plans, monitoring and follow up on recovery and progress of each child survivor. Implementation of care plans developed by officials are tracked and monitored by Aangan to ensure that children are able to fit back into family life, access school, opportunities, health services, friends, recreation and supportive adults once back in the community.


The program works by placing a Coordinator with government officials (Child Welfare Committees which are three member boards) in 10 “destinations” of trafficking or harm - cities where large numbers of children are rescued: Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Varanasi, Patna, Muzzafarpur, Jalpaigudi, Guwahati, Kolkata. Each of these is linked to their counterparts in 10 “source” districts of harm – where children are likely to return to vulnerable communities, and will require continued support. This work too will be planned and monitored to ensure no recurrence of harm or re-trafficking.


During 2016, Aangan will work to make 10,000 survivors’ return journeys safe across 100 return routes in collaboration with 6 state Departments of Women and Child Welfare. 300 government functionaries will be trained and supported by Aangan’s training, tools and technology and will be used to streamline, monitor and track the post rescue journeys, so that child survivors can return to a safe childhood.


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