Rohit’s story

As his parents could not afford to pay his school fees, Rohit was forced to drop out after Class 10, leading to his eventual involvement in criminal activities. Read about how this boy kept his interest in education alive and transformed his future.

For as long as he could remember, Rohit has never known what it was like to live in a happy family.  His father was an alcoholic while his mother was busy taking care of his sister, Aarti. As his parents couldn’t afford to pay his school fees, Rohit was forced to drop out after Class 10 and begin work at a shoe shop. Dissatisfied with his meagre salary, he found a new job as a coach attendant with the Indian Railways, hoping to improve his future prospects. But this job soon proved to be stressful and involved long, punishing hours. After working with the Railways for six months, Rohit left his post. 

Life had become a series of disappointments – he was unemployed, penniless and now left with nothing to do or to challenge him.  As he was living in an area prone to crime, it wasn’t long before he began to participate in unsavoury activities including drug abuse and theft, leading to his eventual, and inevitable, arrest. The police sent him to the Dongri Observation Home, where he was put in touch with an Aangan case worker. 

At the Home, Rohit spoke about his future plans, expressing a desire to go back to school. Inspired by his interest in education, we granted Rohit a scholarship of 2,000 rupees, with the belief that this opportunity would change his life. On Rohit’s request, we admitted him into a hostel, as it was difficult for him to focus on his academics with an alcoholic, uncaring father at home. We mentored him for another year by which time a dramatic transformation had taken place. Rohit no longer resembled his old, aimless self. He had successfully finished school and had made the decision to support his family. He now has a job with an NGO that works with juveniles in Observation Homes. Rohit believes his life has truly come full circle!

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