Shakti Khushboo Group

This fantastic Shakti Group in Ram Nagar, Patna, is cleaning up their area. They named their project "Khusboo" meaning good fragrance!

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Why we work with institutionalized children?

Although children in institutions are in the protective care of the state, ironically they are among the most vulnerable, invisible and voiceless children in the country. Institutions are notoriously badly run spaces where children face neglect and even abuse, and where their access to health, education, and other entitlements are not ensured.

Healing with Gardening

Aangan's priority is to provide support to children rescued from danger and in need of rehabilitation. These are children who have suffered great hardship and trauma. Through the urban gardening project, introduced in ten Observation and Children’s homes in cities like Mumbai, Varanasi and Bhopal, children are taught gardening skills, while being kept close to the healing hands of nature where they can learn to trust and express themselves freely again.
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