Sutur’s interview

As part of Aangan’s activities in our Youth Centers in slum areas of Mumbai the film making of “Jaan, Shaan, Imaan”was initiated. The discussion of cases of boys in Observation Homes got children thinking and scripting around these themes with Aangan team and theatre actor Pramod Pathak. Sutur, one of the main characters of the films spoke with Pramod about how the film making impacted him.

Pramod: So how does it feel after watching your movie for the first time? 

Sutur: I am quite satisfied. I am happier because people have watched our movie and even praised our work! We poured our soul into this movie. After watching people’s reactions to the movie I feel like all our efforts have paid off.

Pramod: What were your thoughts during the initial stages of the movie?

Sutur: At first we imagined it would be very difficult but as time passed by our teachers eased us into it. We would spend time during the day looking for safe locations for filming, doing our own little research. The next day we would go and ask our teacher to shoot the scenes in the locations we found. Little by little our movie was finished. 

Pramod: Has this year long experience made any particular difference to you? 

Sutur:  Initially, when I auditioned in front of you, Pramod, I didn’t think I had it in me. But later when you pointed out that I had a talent for acting, and my friends encouraged me,too, I began taking more interest in my role. This movie has given me the confidence to believe that I have a talent and that anything is possible!

Pramod: Has your life changed post Jaan,Shaan,Imaan?

Sutur: We had neither focus nor aim in life. Nothing excited us. But after the making of this movie, my outlook has greatly changed. We gained a lot of insight into the making of a feature film. The experience as a whole was a lot of fun.

Pramod: Are you going to support Aangan in its activities and work?

Sutur: Of course, I would love to still be a part of Aangan and help it reach newer heights. I have great respect for the work they do and I’m more than willing to offer my assistance. 

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